Saturday ThOt: Dads and Father's Day

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Saturday ThOt: 12 Questions on Dads and Father's Day
  1. What characteristic makes a man, a dad?
  2. How would you describe your dad?
  3. What is an ideal dad for you?
  4. Do you celebrate Father's Day? How?
  5. What is the best advice you received from your dad?
  6. Your favorite quote from your dad?
  7. If you have a son in his teens, who gets a girl pregnant, what would you do?
  8. Create adjectives/nouns using your dad/husband's initials? i.e. JIM - juicy, irritating, man
  9. Favorite dad character in a movie?
  10. Unforgettable father/father figure in a book?
  11. Fill in the blank/s, A dad is ________________________.
  12. Message to your dad:
 My answers:
  1. Responsible and Adoring.
  2. Absentee for the first 11 years I think.(Raised by a single mom)
  3. Present and Involved in the kid's life
  4. Yes. Give a gift to hubby - from the kids.Greet fathers I know.
  5. Obey what your mom tells you.
  6. I love you.
  7. If they're prepared, go for marriage, If not, don't force the issue. But being the old-fashioned mom that I am, I would insist that he be responsible and support whatever decision the woman wants.
  8. P - persevering, E- enduring, D- dear R - responsible, O - overwhelming (hubby)
  9. 3men and a baby - John Stamos, etc. and Adam Sandler but I forgot the title.
  10. Carlisle of course. It just shows that you can be a dad even if not by blood but by bite.
  11. Someone you could talk about handling boys in your life and get an extra allowance from.
  12. I love you. I may not show it, say it often enough but really, I do care.
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