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Each week, though I hope I can do this daily, I'll try to create a list of interesting things that I want to share. Like links to my new discoveries, what blogs I read, books, movies I enjoyed (if I see any). There are a lot of things that interests me, so consider it a weekly roundup of some sort.

First up this week, is my list of Obsessions.

1.I'm addicted to blog templates that are colorful and fun and most of all, FREE!
   My blog is currently wearing  a template from Smitten Blog Designs with a few tweaks at the header.

There are tons more out there who offer free and colorful templates. Will be posting about them next time.

2. Vampires. I'm very much obsessed with Vampires. I went into Anne Rice phase. I just loved the Brat Prince - Lestat, loved Louis' humanity and my favorite book was Queen of the Damned. I like the character of Akasha. Even had my own coven. Then I discovered Stephenie Meyer, and read the Twilight Saga in a few nights, sleeping really late, which made my kids grumpy at me. I love Edward Cullen's character in the book but for the movies, I like Jackson Rathbone even more than Robert Pattinson. I sort of see Robert as Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter, though I think they're all hot. Then there's Charlaine Harris' who wrote the Sookie Stackhouse series which is the basis for HBO's True Blood. It doesn't hurt that the TV series stars Anna Paquin, more famously known as Rogue in the XMEN movies. If you want brutal and real vampires, True Blood is for you.

3. Learning. When I obsess about something, I tend to try to learn more about whatever it is. I go thru phases in my life, some phases longer than others. Now, I'm at the stage of learning about making handmade crafts and scrapbooking which is practically related to each other. I'm also into digital scrapbooking and I love those who make digital things and give them away for free.

4. As I've often mentioned in this short, yet long list, I love Freebies and Giveaways. So expect my entries to these exciting giveaways and I hope you join it with me. Anything free is something I appreciate, specially now that times are hard.

5. Tags/Memes/Surveys - I get to discover more about myself and about the writers I love reading about. I gain new insights about me and about you. I'm still finalizing the details of my tag. You can see the tag button on my leftside corner. Hopefully, I get to finish it soon.

Thanks for reading.

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