Mommy Moments: Outdoor Fun

Mommy Moments

This week's theme is Outdoor Fun. I've never brought my kids to a park yet. Our park here in the province is not conducive for kids. These are photos from the backyard. For their outdoor fun, they love walking around the garden, watering the plants and trying to feed the dogs.

They love picking calamansi (little citrus fruits) and picking flowers, we have sampaguita and roses.

Do you see the gazebo in this picture? That is where they rest when they get tired from being chased by the water hose.

Maybe, if we have enough money, we can add a little pool for the kids to have fun outdoors.

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Chris said...

that's great.. i always wanted a gazebo :D just no space :)

by teh way, dont forget to sign in mr. linky so others can come visit you too!

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