Mommy Moments: Haircut

My kids have different reactions during a haircut and it all depends on who's holding the scissors. For such a long time, we've never brought them to a professional barber or a hair dresser. Maegan, in a way, didn't need it. Her hair never seems to grow very long, except for her bangs which we easily trimmed. Paul, is a different matter altogether. From the very beginning, he had such a long hair. He came out with a headful of hair that on his first birthday, we called him an F4 member. Here is a picture of my kids with before a professional haircut and after.

Maegan's haircut isn't that obvious, in reality, it's more of a trim and just straightening of the edges. Paul's is so blatantly obvious. They hate strangers touching their hair though. They both have issues about their hair whether in bathing them or having a stranger cut their hair.

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Genejosh said...

love ur daughter's straight...

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Chris said...

you kids are adorable! :D

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