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The Writer & The Blog:

      I am Mys. I discovered the joy of blogging when I decided that I wanted to start writing again. My blogging journey actually started May of 2008 but I was never content with what I've written or what I've done with my blog. I kept on stopping, starting, revamping and lost all the focus that I had. I continue to write this blog since I don't want the domain to go to waste. I won this domain thru Calvin's domain giveaway.
      I like to write. I love it sometimes. Writing doesn't like me, hence I call myself a mediocre writer. I like to write about a lot of things. My thoughts, obsessions, current passion, and a variety of interests. 
      I've found out that I like to join blog contests or giveaways. So you can expect to find my entries to wonderful contests online that are open internationally or to the Philippines only. Sometimes, I even join in contests that are open to the US since I have it sent to my relatives who might appreciate it or wait until one of them comes back here.
       I like writing about blogging resources, blog tweaking, and sometimes, earning money online plans.  I like recommending sites or good reads. I write about my web discoveries. I am a pinoywebsurfer like Calvin. 
       I brag about my famous cousin who is a passionate artist. I am related through affinity, so I stake a claim on bragging rights. You can look him up, his name is David Garibaldi.
Here's what you can expect from this blog:
  • My blog contests/giveaways entries - which you're all invited to join to as well.
  • Recommended books,sites,music,movies, tv series and other stuff.
  • My addictions: Vampires and Vampires and Vampires and others.
  • My cousin: David Garibaldi
  • My stories as a Mom - I plan to be active in Mommy Moments
  • My own Meme - still under construction. 
  • Blog tweaking or Blogging Resources
  • My ways of making money online (or not!)
  • Thoughts, Obsessions, Passions and Current Interests
      That's about it. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.


2 thoughts:

Calvin said...

hehehe refreshing look sa blog. pang-ilang make-over na ito? ako i can't bring myself to change the look of my blog. busy sa kakasulat :P

Mys said...

at least you write, and get great traffic. thanks for reading.

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