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I feel so guilty not being able to join last few weeks of Mommy Moments that I promise to be back with a vengeance. Unfortunately for me, with the computer crashing and no backup, I've been searching high and low for silly pictures. Fortunately, there were a few silly pictures left in the cd when my daughter was still little. I'm guesstimating that she hasn't turned one here in this few silly pictures of her.

                              The top pictures are of my daughter. She's playing with the alphabet rubber mat. She kept removing them and she placed one on her neck, so we made one as a headband. The second photo is of her playing with her miniumbrella. I'm not sure if the next 3 pictures are silly. The first on the left is of my son, playacting like a punk. The second photo are of my kids playing rockband and maegan dancing to paul's music. The last photo is of my son, off balanced. I called this shot as his attempt to catch a frog.

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Mys said...

Hi. I like your photos. Thanks for sharing them. :)

Mys said...

cute naman nya..having umbrella while on stroller..he..he..

Mine's here:
Silly Moments

Mys said...

Love your photos.... cute ng mga kids mo.

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