To: Letters That I'll Never Send Participants

Dear Reader,

A comment made by Cacai got me thinking. I was wondering why she termed the question that way, that I was transferring letters that I'll never send to a blogspot address. Then it hit me. I give link love to those who participate in my blog which already has a pr  of 2, to those participants who take the time to write their letters. Is transferring the meme with poor participants to a blogspot address with no pr seem like a punishment to the meager number of participants who do bother? 

So, check out the poll, or leave your comments here.

I want to do what's best for the blog and for the readers, and participants as well. 

Definitely, a redefinition of what my blog is about has got to happen. It's time to decide pretty soon.

2 thoughts:

Sherry said...

nice banner ... hee. can change see pic :D

Mys said...

Thanks Sherry. Your blogs look adorable too.

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