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I forgot to take the thermometer and have it photographed. I apologize for the poor quality of the photo. The photo was taken by my very cheap phone and poor lighting to boot. My first aid tip would be about kids suffering from diarrhea. We automatically add Erceflora to their milk. It's an oral suspension (Antidiarrheal of Microbial Origin). My kids are picky they don't like hydrite and others so I opt to use Gatorade. My kids prefer grape flavor. Well, for more First Aid Tips, go on and click on that button at the top of my post.Let's discover more first aid tips together.

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Rossel said...

my daughter likes gatorade than hydrite too. kase naman noong tikman ko e di talaga masarap, ehehe. important yan para di madehyrate ang kids natin pag may diarrhea.

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Sherry said...

sis if serious better see doctor.

judys424 said...

My family takes Gatorade too and move on from there.. sometimes we're better at once, other times take longer. :)

melandria said...

nice sis. take care. Care to join my give away.

take care always.

melandria said...

I forgot to say, please do visit my new site too and be a follower narin, thanks much.

Tetcha said...

Justin's pedia prescribed Erceflora, too, when she suspected that Justin had amoebiasis. It's a good thing that the result came out negative. My son's tummy just got upset with something he ate. Our suspect was gravy that he had at one of the fastfood restaurants in the mall.

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