Letters That I'll Never Send: Dear Graduates of 2010

Letters That I'll Never Send
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Dear Graduates,

              You are at a point in your life where you have to face some decisions. Specially for those graduating in highschool and in college.This is the time to celebrate the fact that you have finished one milestone in your life and that you are headed to a point in time which will mold your future.
               Do not fear unemployment or any of those things. All you have to do is be the best version of you. Try to be well rounded. Know your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. The future is yours and you can change it.

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cacai-m-place.net said...

Hi, my post will be up tomorrow. I just want to say something that this meme of yours will be moved to blogspot this April? --- sayang naman.. gus2 ko sana ganito lang, parang andoon sa isang label but anyhoo, if that's your decision wla akong magawa.. :-) Have a great day! ~hugs~

Mys said...

Same Mcklinky will be posted here and there. Don't worry.

Mys said...

More of at least dun, puro siya lang. I can post the topic and then get the links lang.

kikamz said...

hi mys! i love the new place for Letters. btw, I grabbed your Written By Mys button. It's now included in my BADGES page: http://www.kikamzpera.com/2009/07/button-exchange.html

pehpot said...

Hi Mys! maybe you should think again why you decided to move letters to another site. That meme has been a part of this blog. I don't know but it adds up to the spice in here.

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