Mara's Appetite: A Review

Dear Reader,

                      Due to the biggest contest in the blogniverse, I get to encounter this site for the first time. First impression is that it's about food and it certainly hits the spot. The header is cute as it depicts different cliparts of yummy and tasty desserts. Just looking at it is making my tummy growl.  The blog is a 3 column blog which makes it neat and not too long.
                      The blog is a food blog and a photo blog as well. The posts are almost always filled with photos of food, whatever the blogger had an interest on, to try or a restaurant she visited. Photos are quite good, and the blogger is articulate and engaging in her description of her food adventure.  I say almost always, since there was a photo of water but who am I kidding?
                       I find the conversational tone of the blogger engaging, did you read that in my second paragraph? Because it's very true. The blogger even has a post of a comparison of eating a burger at Boracay and eating the same burger (menu option) but in Manila and her tastebuds say that there's a difference in taste but she isn't certain.
                       I am babbling. The truth of the matter is, if you're someone who's interested in food, like me? Scoping out new restaurants to try, just in case you get to visit certain areas. Well, go ahead and park yourself at Mara's Appetite, it will make you hungry for more.

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