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Dear Reader,

You're a blogger who likes to play around or tweak with your blog layout or template, then this is something for you. One of my most avid readers, if not my most avid reader and commenter Kikamz was curious about my blog header. Made you look didn't I? It's animated and changes around every 6 seconds, but who is counting?
Instead of taking all the claim and giving you a blow by blow account on how I tried to change it, I shall lead you to the experts who will tell you in ways you'll understand and grasp. I hope you make a better job of it than I did.
In no particular order, here are my favorite blog tutorials and tweakers and hacks.

  • Font or Fonts - changes how your blog looks and contributes to the branding of your blog. There are a lot of different fonts to choose from but the tricky part is getting that font applied to your blog.
          You can download fonts from
           2. Fonts for Peas by Kevin and Amanda
           3. Free Scrapbook Fonts by Kevin and Amanda
           4. Miss Tiina Fonts
           5. Misprinted Type  - just check under freeware for free fonts
           6. Two Peas Free Fonts - register to get them but they are totally cute!

Now, if you've chosen that font you would like to use for your blog post, date, sidebar titles and even for your blog entry itself, head on out to KevinandAmanda clicking that will send you to the tutorial on how to change blog post, date and sidebar title fonts only. For the blog post entries, you have to check out their new tutorial.

For Kikamz:
       Congratulations on winning at Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. I knew you could do it!
Anyway, here's the tutorial that you want. It's a new discovery of mine and I wanted to share. The site has a lot of stuff to offer from blogging tweaks/hacks, blog header and for the photoshop, photoshop elements, and lightroom addicts out there, this one's for you as well.
          Headers are that, headers, headlines, where you post the title, your tag, your brand for all the world to see. To gain curiousity and attraction, headers have to be at least attention-grabbing, cute, well-defined, or all that.
         Discover how to make an animated header like mine from this site. Coffee Shop. You will be amazed to the hundreds of freebies, tutorials and other amazing info you can get. I'm still reeling from the many discoveries I enjoyed from the site. I personally like the story board/ templates and will be playing with some of the ps freebies though I don't totally get it yet.
         One little thing though, can you tell me how to completely remove the header including the title? That's the error that got me flabbergasted as I tried to change my header. Maybe, I read it wrong or something. If you know the simple and easy fix to that...tell me. I'll be trying the animated header for my Letters that I'll Never Send blog too in a while.

Other Blogger Tutorials/Tweaks/Hacks Experts:
  1. Amanda of Blogger Buster
  2. Annie of Blogger University
  3. Kaye of Random WAHM Thoughts - coolest blog comment counter ever!
  4. Pocket of BlogBulk - for blog borders,dividers, etc. and posting 3 images side by side.
  5. Amanda of Kevin and Amanda
  6. Simply Fabulous Tutorials - code for grab this button!
  7. Pehpot of Novice on Blogging for blogging cards, how to review and more.
  8. Fedhz of Home Buddies - has adorable page rank buttons.

Know more interesting sites? Leave it in a comment here.

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Genejosh said...

wow i'll learn from this too!

about sa comment mo thanks Mys ..actually it's 3rd:)..I also love tom Yum Goong yong soup with shrimp di ba...Very usual dito yong kanin with the toppings of squid, beef and chicken and many more toppings! he..he...

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