Letters That I'll Never Send: Dear Favorite HighSchool Teacher

My Highschool Teachers
  • inspired me to study more
  • was never content of what I gave, instead asked more.
  • was strict yet I like her more for it.
  • I have a lot of favorites but to be fair, I write the first one to my Biology teacher.

Dear Miss Calicdan,

              I love the fact that you were a strict teacher. Biology became a favorite subject even if I never had any intention of pursuing medicine and by my senior year, I knew this for a fact. I loved that when you formulated quizzes, surprises come in the form of having to really read the whole book including footnotes. I scored points there. I love the challenges you imposed and how much you cared for us when you were our adviser. We learned a lot from you and I believe that you are among, if not, the class's favorite teacher. Evidence number one would be the adoring phrases we gave you in our yearbook. I don't know where you are right now, perhaps you've gone abroad? I'm hoping you got married already. Well, hopefully our paths will cross again so I can let you know how much I respect and how much you inspired me.


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kikamz said...

bio teacher pala fave mo mys.. ako naman, ung fave ko in HS is my chemistry teacher. :D we still keep in touch sa FB at YM. :D

cacai-m-place.net said...

Hi guys, my first time in here.. and i love the idea! By the way, yours are bio and chem teacher --- mine is science & health, perfect combination? :-)

Here's mine by the way: Mine is here


Sherry said...

wow nice letter to your teacher :D

Sherry said...

my school teacher I remember a few only.

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