Fang is Out! Yay!

are my way of escaping my life.
I'm stuck to where I am.
I read to escape.

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Yes, it's for young adults. I feel that way. (Sometimes). Honestly, I read the series because it was written by one of my many favorite authors James Patterson. I like his Alex Cross series though I haven't finished them all yet. I also love his strong, female characters in The Women's Murder Club. I also like his Michael Bennett series, the suspense was really thrilling. Of all his books, I haven't read the Dangerous Days of Daniel X yet and the Witch and Wizard.  I have now something to add to my 101 things to do in 1001 days list. Cool!
Finish all James Patterson books.

I highly recommend Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas. If you can't get it in a book, you should watch the movie. I cried and cried over it. Yes, it isn't a thriller. It's a very romantic, heartbreaking book and movie.

If you're interested in reading Fang. I got a copy of it. Just leave a comment if you're into ebooks.

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Lexis said...

wow atlast a nother maximum ride fan, i meen other than those on Max-Dan-wiz, i'm like a major fan of the books but i live in South Africa and here we can't find al the books, and i can't buy ebook 'coz i dont have a credit card, do you know other ways to find the books maybe? i realy hope Fang gets released here. . .

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