Letters That I'll Never Send: To My In-Laws


ear Papa Lito and Mama Ana,

                       I don't think I've ever thanked you enough for raising such a good man. I love that you raised your eldest child to be a very responsible father to his own children. I am glad that you are my in-laws because the love that you shower upon my kids is immeasurable. I write this letter as an appreciation and as an apology to you. We have always been planning to visit you there in Tuguegarao but we always fail to do so. You should know that Pedz and I have been discussing going there for the fiesta in May, but it is still just that, a plan. We are going to see if we can convince my mom to allow us to go. I don't think my mom wants to be separated from her favorite grandkids. We know for a fact that it is very hot there during the summer, so we are rethinking the idea, that maybe it is better to visit during the Christmas break. 

                       Thank you for going on leave each time I gave birth to your grandchildren and helping me when they were newborns. I couldn't have survived motherhood if it were not for your guidance and help.
Thank you for being supportive of us and never failing to greet us or call us. Thank you so much.

                       Maegan and Paul sends their hugs and kisses.


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cacai-m-place.net said...

Hi, I forgot to put my entry here yesterday, here it is by the way: My Letter to My In-laws That I'll Never Send

Have a great weekend! ~hugs~

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