Letters That I'll Never Send: Dear HighSchool Crush

Letters That I'll Never Send

Today's Theme is: Dear HighSchool Crush

Dear Highschool Crush,

              I was glad that you were in my life, it made highschool much more fun. I looked for you everyday. Got to cloud nine when you spoke to me. Looking back now, I just laugh at all the drama then. Having a crush on you was both frustrating and happy. You never see me. I'm almost invisible. But that's me. You always shone in my eyes (or so I thought). I'm keeping this short since this entry is late. Just thanks.

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5 thoughts:

pehpot said...

sasali nga ako dito.. pero oks lang every Friday angg post ko to give to GT? hehe

Mys said...

No problem Ms. Pehpot. Anytime... I can always keep the mcklinky open for a week for you and anyone else who wants to join.

Kaira said...

Crushes did make high school fun! I love this topic :)

Sherry said...

hehe.. high school crush, I had that too but forgot the guy name.

kikamz said...

hi mys. super late ang aking entry. sorry dear! just managed to post it today. wala pa nga ako MM entry eh. hehe!

i agree, crushes did make high school fun! medyo madrama naman yung letter ko. lol!

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