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Dear Me the Fool,

         Discontentment is now filling my world again. Hmm, maybe time to join Ms.Bambie's contest and win me a blog makeover. I'm so tempted to delete my blog and start from scratch. No joke, even if it's April Fools Day today. You should ask Calvin and Sir G., both witness to the numerous times I'd delete my blog and start from scratch. The coming school year would be a trying one for me. It will be the first time that both kids will enter school. Will blogging still be in the picture? I'm also facing the reality that if I never win any contest again, then how in the world am I going to pay for my domain? Hmm... It's time to rethink my blogging options. Perhaps going to a blogspot address again? Goodbye, cruel blogging world? Could that be the answer?
As promised, here's the Mcklinky and there's the Mcklinky.

MckLinky Blog Hop

2 thoughts:

niko said...

oh my.. dont go back to blogspot hihihi.. how much is your domain by the way>>

i dont know if u saw my msg at ur shoutbox.. hihih now i know its thurs and sat.. hiih will do my post right noh hihi

see u around mys!

kikamz said...

hi mys.. sorry i missed last week's letters...

happy april fool's day. meron na rin pala sabado letters ano? will see if i can manage to post for sats. got my hands full kase.


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