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These are my kids shoes, most of them are given to them by doting aunts, grandparents, and godparents. As far as I can remember, I've only bought house slippers for them, and one sandals for Maegan. I got lucky there. I kept all of the gifts we received throughout occasions and they get to use them now. Honestly, the top shoes are the favorites of Maegan, but in reality it is still too big for her feet. She just enjoys running in them now and then since they light up and she's addicted to shoes that light up.
Paul's shoes are mostly gifts as well. When we go out, he picks out this pair of green shoes always. I think he feels comfortable in them whether he's wearing socks or not.

What are your kids favorite shoes? Care to share? Click on the button above.

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Tetcha said...

So many lovely shoes, and you didn't have to spend for them because they're gifts! What could be better than that? Happy Mommy Moments! My entry is up, too.

momgen said...

Lots of shoes today hehehe. happy mommy moments.

Mine is here

By MelCole of PA said...

Nice sneakers! Happy MM!

Marice said...

wow they got lots of hand-me down shoes! thats really nice no? :)

u may view mine here

chubskulit said...

Nice shoes collection!

Am a little late for my entry, but here is their shoes.. then and now, hope to see you and have a great weekend!

simply kim said...

your kids are lucky... they are surrounded by loving relatives who share their blessings..

Chris said...

cool pairs... we are blessed that we are shared with relatives who love giving shoes to our kids! :D

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