Faced with challenges.. a lot of things to consider. What would you Realize?

  1. I realized that I am so fond of downloading digiscrap materials (kits,elements, and what nots) but I haven't been scrapping in such a long time that the collection has literally grown to tens of gigs and all on materials I don't use, don't know how or things I will never incorporate in a design.
  2. I like blogging but I don't have a tremendous future in it, in terms of earning from it. I can't devote the time and be an efficient housewife and houseparent. 
  3. I am worried for my nieces and nephew. It will be a very trying school year next year, with the eldest worrying over college entrance exams and just trying to cope with everything.
  4. Needing to wake up early means giving up on sleeping late and blogging since I can only do my blogging activities (comment, read, drop, adgitize) when everyone else (including hubby (who shares the pc with me) are asleep.
  5. I dream of escape, to where, I don't know yet.

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