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Today's TCP is about Urban Legends. Unfortunately, I think my post for Suspense/Thriller also falls into this category. So again, my pick remains the same : When a Stranger Calls.
The Urban Legend:  A babysitter left alone in charge of sleeping children receives severalthreatening phone calls. After reporting the calls to the phone company, the girl is notified by the telephone operator that the calls are originating from the upstairs extension. The babsitter flees the house just ahead of an armed intruder who has already murdered the children.

Read my post about When a Stranger Calls here.
If you want to see more movies under the category of movies based in urban legends, you can also check out Wikipedia.
My other picks in the list: Shutter and Mothman Prophecies.
I love the horror I felt in Shutter but it's more of a ghost story than an Urban Legend. But most Urban Legends are indeed based on ghosts coming back to haunt people or just real bad guys.

Plus, if we do the horror route about just real bad guys - I know it's not a movie, but I really like Harper's Island. It isn't a movie but it's a 13-episode series that really feels like a movie. 

For more accounts of Urban Legends: Visit Snopes.

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