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I am particularly lost in this category. Should I pick horror movies again? When I think of Supernatural, I think of the tv series which is my absolute favorite and it's already on it's 5th season which is pretty much exciting.

I had to rack my brain about this one and I can only think of 2, which aren't in the horror/gruesome category so I decided to write about them.

From these 2, I had to choose a favorite.

My first pick but not the top pick would be: "Ghost" - a lovestory that starred Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze with my classic favorite Whoopi Goldberg.

I just love the pottery scene and the coin which he passed thru the door and lifted it by pushing at the side of the door and making it float to her. I get shivers and goosebumps in that scene.

Now, for my TOP pick!

Chris and Annie are parents who just lost their 2 kids in a car accident. Chris is a doctor who loves his wife Annie so much, but they are suffering from their devastating loss. Chris then dies in an accident leaving Annie behind. Annie tries to cope, but it's too much for her. Chris goes to Heaven. Annie commits suicide and goes to Hell. Now, Chris learning of Annie's suicide fights his way to go to Hell and find his True Love.

My favorite quote from the movie:

That's when I realized I'm part of the problem. Not because I remind you. But because I couldn't join you. So I left you alone. Don't give up, okay?

Here's another one:

Thank you for every kindness. Thank you for our children. For the first time I saw them. Thank you for being someone I was always proud to be with. For your guts, for your sweetness. For how you always looked, for how I always wanted to touch you. God, you were my life. I apologize for everytime I ever failed you. Especially this one... 

Can you guess which movie it is?

Give up? It's What Dreams May Come starring Robin Williams, my favorite actor.

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