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Why is it that when I read or hear the word girl power what comes to mind is the image of Charlie's Angels, the Powerpuff girls and after a few more seconds I receive the image of Totally Spies. I'm betting that most couchers would write Charlie's Angels the old ones and the new ones I imagine. I'm still wracking my brain for an entry that wouldn't be them.

So, when an answer evades me, I turn to my bestfriend "Google" and found that Girl Power is a phrase made popular by spice girls and girl power often refers to feminism and/or warriors. Think Amazon women or Buffy or Echo of Dollhouse.

Well, if ever there was a woman who impressed me in her role as a warrior, it would be Kiera Knightley as Guenevere of King Arthur. Then I delved even further and found one movie I really like and can actually tell you the story, but I bet you all know this movie so I wouldn't bore you.

If you haven't watched it, you can read all the details here

All I can say is it's action packed, she kicks but*! shows women are strong even if we do show emotions. That we can handle guns, rolling, kicking a** and hand to hand combat.

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jo.frougal said...

Angelina Jolie is the perfect Lara Croft, and Lara Croft is quintessential girl power movie! I chose a non-typical girl power entry.

kikamz said...

i do love lara croft! and jolie is just perfect for the role. nice pick mys! i was thinking of featuring her too but i am sure, somebody will. and you did. thanks girl!

and thank you for joining us this week. next week, we will feature courtroom drama movies. till then, take care and happy tcp!

darly said...

im a big fan of the video game, but never got to watch the muvee. I don't really like Jolie so i ignore any movie of hers. But ive heard and read good reviews about it, and how she really is the perfect fit for the character.

My TCP is up too, check it here.

Enjoy the rest of the week, and remember- Girls Rule!!!

Mama Ko said...

This is one of my fave movie, im an angelina jolie fan. She is really good in this movie, the actions and stuff was all fantastic. Great pick sis. visit mine too

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