The New Year


             Welcome back! Did you miss me? I sure missed you a lot. I had a lot of things done on my blogging break and made tremendous discoveries about myself and my goals. This year, I am planning on doing a lot of things for this blog and doing things I love to do. I also intend to learn more about things I have interests in. This year is not my year... I am giving this year to bestfriend and twin, for her dreams and goals. My dreams are long term and begins with little steps. Hopefully, by 2012, my dreams for my self is something I can reach.

              How did you spend your holiday season? I hope you were with your loved ones and that nothing untoward happened to you as you celebrated the New Year. As for me, my kids got sick but luckily they are now well on their road to recovery.

              My kids met their cousins from New York for the first time. It went well, my kids were able to understand what their 6-year old cousin was saying. A different story though for the sick 1-year old cousin they were tailing around. My kids weren't sick while the cousins were here. They got sick as soon as they left. Oh well. Chalk it up to learning that I can't keep my kids away from a baby. My kids were just too curious.

         Thankfully, my kids aren't asking for a baby. This photo was taken on Christmas day in the living room of my mom's house. Oh how my kids cried when their cousins left. That's all I can tell you right now. The real world is calling (Maegan and Paul).

           Till next time, thanks for hanging around. I'll write to you soon. I'm pretty sure there are contests coming to welcome the new year. Plus, hopefully, more letters that I'll never send will be written.

4 thoughts:

pehpot said...

first of all, I like your new lay out.. stick on this one, it looks really nice :)

Happy new year and I hope we can all stick to our goal this year :)

Enchie said...

Happy New Year Mys!

Tetcha said...

My son also had a blast spending Christmas and New Year with his older cousins. They played the whole time. Happy 2010 to you and your family!

Mylene said...

You are the second site I visited with new template :) and it is really nice and neat :)

Good that your kids are getting better. My daughter also got sick but a little better now :) Thank God :)

Btw, I want to inform you that I've already drawn the winners for my thanksgiving contest in which you volunteered to sponsor for post signatures of the three winners and 1000 EC for the first prize winner.
The winners are Mel (1st) of My Journey to Life, Sam of A Mom's Life and Loves and Leilani of Travelin' With Marie. I hope you can communicate with them directly. Thanks in advance and may you have a great year ahead! Blessings to you and to your family!

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