Letters That I'll Never Send: Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Hi! If you're a Letters that I'll Never Send participant, thank you. If you're reading this as you pass by, thanks a lot too! For participants, I have something new in store for you, and I know that you're probably busy doing Girls Talk, but hey I love that carnival too. Oh, I lost my tirade... let me restart. I am now offering a new twist to these letters. As I get bored by writing about my dictates, then here's a chance for you. I have decided to make every 3rd Thursday of the month a free for all. In short, write a letter, any letter, whether it's a rant, a rave, secret love letter, you name it ... you can do it on the 3rd Thursday of the month! All I ask in return is that you leave a link to your wonderful post at the mcklinky in the end of this post? Capish?

If this becomes a hit and I get more participants....keep your fingers crossed and we'll do it twice a week. I'm so tempted to make at least 1 week about letters to kids. I really need to start plowing on with my advices/tips/guides to my kids while I'm still strong. I feel the signs of old age creeping in slowly as I turn 3...oh ... soon.

Well, that's it. I'm keeping this short.
Remember: every 3rd Thursday of the month, write a letter, any topic. Post it here!

3 thoughts:

melandria said...

that's really nice. I have so many letters to make but still in my thoughts.

kikamz said...

wheee! so happy to have finally managed to enter this week. i should take advantage of the scheduled post para di ko na makalimutan. hehe! ano theme next week mys? Dear Prom Date ba??

Mys said...

Yay! I have 2 participants this week!

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