Dear Winners

Dear Winners of Online Mommy's Blog Contest,

Hi! I'm Mys and I'll be giving you your choice of post signy. A post signy or a post signature is one that is like what you see at the end of my blog post that has my name on it.

Here are your options for fonts:

I've seen that the winners, Mel, Sam and Marie are quite gifted with more talent than mine, so I hope you bear with me.

As for decoration, you can choose whether to put this on your post signature (to the left or right), also specify color preference.

Sample of finished product:

This one is the star with Monika font.

Instructions will be given later.

For those interested: I can give out more post signys.

You can donate (?) if you want to. When I get to post a donate button.
Do you know how much Nutramigen is nowadays???

So attention to Ma'am Mel or is it Ria? of My Journey to Life
Sam of  A Mom's Life and Loves though you already have a pretty post siggy.
and Leilanie (Marie??) of Travelin' with Marie who can change her own blog layout (totally cool!)

6 thoughts:

melandria said...

Ooh, your work is so lovely. I would love to have the "conflict rob" with a pink heart on the side.

Many thanks.

P.S. It's really RIA actually, melandria is a combination of hubby's name and mine, which is actually our daughter's name as of now.

Ms. Marie said...

Thank you for this cool prize! You are talented as well, please don't ever underestimate yourself. I've been meaning to create a signature for a while now, but I've never actually gotten around to making one, so I'm glad that I'm receiving one as a prize.

I love the font "christy". I want the decoration that says "love ya" in the color it already is. Can you make my font color white? So it will match my layout. Could you make the signature say "Ms. Marie"? Thank you! Such a awesome prize! :]

P.S. My name is Leilanie. My middle name is Marie. I decided to go by "Marie" for my blog and my online presence. It seemed easier at the time.

melandria said...

I am also hosting a contest, maybe your interested ;

Chris said...


Mys said...

Thanks Chris, I'm awed by your reaction.

Princess Sarah said...

Yes I agree, you have the gift like this signy, thanks for the visit and the award. Glad I won in Ria's contest.

I like the Ma Sexy, can u make it smaller?
the star is cool but can u change the background with a green color? Kasi I like green, then ang name .... Sarah

His Unfailing Love

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