Turning into Kids Again

I am turning into a kid again. If you are one of those like me, a stay at home mom whose kids live and breathe the television and have no other television to spare. You would know that Mickey and Minnie celebrated their birthday last November 18. There was an 'honest' series of tv shows yesterday and that there's Alien Swarm (Ben 10) premieres on tv as of the moment. You would also know that there was a Disney Pixar Movie Magic back to back.

Finally, I got to watch Wall-E, a movie featured as top pick in Tuesday's Couch Potatoes.
I'm trying to post pictures. My pc won't allow me.
Oh well. I got to enjoy The Incredibles, Wall-E, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, just caught Monsters Inc. and got to introduce these characters to my kids.

Oh, High School Musical 3 is going to be shown on Dec.5. Plus every 2 pm on Monday to Friday you get to watch Disney Original Movies like Cadet Kelly, Princess Protection Program and so much more on Disney Channel.

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