GT & Letters that I'll Never Send: Dear Bartender

Dearest Bartender,

                           Give me the usual!
                            Oh wait, you're new here.
                            I'm Mys, Mister Bartender and my Favorite Drink is Pepsi Max on the Rocks.
My love affair with drinks that have no sugar began when I was diagnosed as a diabetic. But did you know that if you ask my twin (nonbiological) that my favorite vice, besides food is drinking. Hmm... could she be correct? I remember that I started the alcoholic drinking at my 2nd time in college ( so that was when I was 21) I barely touched alcohol at U.P. but Dagupan was such a different place to be. I remember meeting my favorite bartender. I got cheap drinks then because I frequented the grocery and he'd mix up the drinks using the cheapest liquor available. Or if we had the cash, we'd head on out to Padis. At Padis I love the Voodoo. I think it's the cheapest one by the pitcher. So my dearest bartender, mix me up some voodoo, but then hey, my bs might go up (blood sugar) so I'll stick to the Max on the rocks. Got it?

P.S. This is a 2 in one Meme entry - for my Letters That I'll never Send and GT

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