So what happens if after a long time, the blogger stops blogging. I can list a lot of reasons I've found along the way and here are just a few.
  • The blogger is a sahm (stay-at-home mom) whose kids got sick so she wasn't able to post an entry.
  • Life took over... she had to do a million of errands that got piled on her when she was blogging.
  • The blogger is sick.
  • The blogger went out of town or out of the country.
  • The blogger is planning a vacation and has notified you of a long hiatus which did not end.
  • The blogger ran out of things to write about (hmm)
 Usually, after a long absence from blogging, I find bloggers that apologize for the inconvenience to their loyal readers.
I'm not sure I have any, but I did find some who left messages at the shoutbox. 
So, instead of apologizing... I leave you this. I blog without obligation.

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Mys said...

it looks like we both took a bloggy break at the same time. welcome back. Hope everything is well.

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