Sunday Stealing: The Mud Meme

I'm a Meme Thief!

Sunday Stealing: The Mud Meme

1. What are your current obsessions? the xyron 900 and learning to make a glass tile pendant

2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? cotton shirt

3. What's for dinner? pansit guisado

4. Last thing you bought? milk for my daughter

5. What are you listening to? the sound of the tv: justice league: the new frontier

6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be? Hera, wife of Zeus (legal wife!)

7. Favorite holiday spots? No favorites yet... I've only been to one and not really a holiday atmosphere.

8. Reading right now? (Rereading:) Breaking Dawn

9. 4 words to describe yourself. Obsessive. Mom. Wife. Daughter

10. Guilty pleasure? Internet, blogging or any way or form using the computer.

11. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak? My daughter and her antics

12. Planning to travel to next? Hongkong Disneyland with DearHubby and Kids

13. Best thing you ate or drank lately? Tokyo Tokyo's Tonkatsu

14. When did you last get tipsy? April 12

15. Care to share some wisdom? Time is not measured by the passing of the years, but by what one does, what one feels and what one achieves. - Jawaharlal Nehru
I am not wise, so I share a quote from someone else.

16. Nicest thing anyone’s ever said to you? "I'm so glad to see you Mommy!" - Maegan

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Mys said...

ah i like ur wisdom :)

Mys said...

My son use to make me watch the Justice League with him.

Mys said...

I love that you're learning how to make glass tile pendants! I so envy that talent.

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