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This is My Sentimental Mommy Moment!
       My Sentimental Mommy Moment photos occurred today. I am thinking of enrolling my daughter in a playschool/toddler school. For reasons that range from: I want her to socialize with other kids, to having some time for myself, to making her learn new things that I can't teach her and to become ready for the 'big school'.
       April 17 becomes a memorable date. My daughter (the one in pink) and son (the little boy in white sando) showed me that they can adapt to surroundings. My daughter was even trying to soothe a 4-year old girl who was crying. Both my daughter and my son were offering her toys to stop her from crying. Maegan even told the girl to stop crying, because everything is okay. This was both the first time of my kids to join other children (strangers to them) in play. 
      They had fun with play cooking and play eating. Paul kept on trying to feed Teacher Roselyn. I had so much fun watching them interact with the teacher and with the other kids.
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Mys said...

hello mys! thanks for joining us at mommy moments this week! we welcome you!

seeing our kids mature and grow is a sentimental moment indeed for us moms! what a joy it is, isnt it?

hope to see you again next week at mommy moments!

Mys said...

hi! welcome to mommy moments =) bagong bago pla ito ha =) galing nmn =)

Mys said...

sometimes we under estimate our kids ability to live on their own little world, and then we are so surprised how easy they can get along.
sweet moments!!

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