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Daddy Moments
Being a stay at home mom, I am the mommy monster and disciplinarian. My kids, as soon as they hear the car blares its horn screams at the top of their lungs, "DADDY'S HOME!". My daughter, turning 3 soon will run as fast as she can to her dad, hug his one leg and say, "I'm so glad to see you daddy!" like he's been away for a year. My little kiddo, the little man, also screams, "dadeeeee!" and rush to his other leg, and hug that leg. The 2 compete for their dad's attention immediately. The dad then rushes and say he has to wash up first and change his clothes before playing with them. 
The kids are still little but you see the adoring look in their faces when they see him. He plays with them. Goes with me when it's time for their vaccinations and takes time out from work. They turn to him when they get injured, fall down or just looking for someone to drag to garden. 
Or when he starts to play with the computer and they start to demand his attention, it's very funny. They get his hand and say, " Mommy, computer. Daddy, Up!". They love it when he carries them at the same time. They feel as if he's a superhero, carrying them to safety. 
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4 thoughts:

Mys said...

that is very sweet, ganyan din dito sa bahay, I am the disciplinarian and daddy is the spoiler

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Mys said...

wow but pa sila....ganda ng saluong sa daddy. mg aank ko inconsistent..mnsan ala lang..mnsan nmn parangsabik na sabik =) hrhehehe here's mine -

Mys said...

it's not that hard naman, snayan lang siguro hehe..

Make or Break

Mys said...

Ohhh what sweet!!Ako kaya kailan kaya ako makapag pivture ng daddy Moments....

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