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It's been a while since I last joined Girls Talk. I guess I miss having girls talking to and with no LTINS to do yet. What better way to spend my Thursday here.

So let's talk emotions. From the basics that I am learning in my daughter's nursery class. Anger, Afraid, Surprised, Sad, and Happy. Well, it's been a tough road but I'm finally getting to be more happy, less sad, but a bit more angry (naughty, naughty kids.) It's such a different time when I was 18. Full of insecurities upon entering my relationship with hubby. You'd get furious and frustrated with me too while I was always insecure, sad and petty.

I have less insecurities or maybe my insecurities disappeared when I had my 2 kids. My perspective changed right then. I feel as if I'm in a healthier place right now, with more happiness. Do you see the commercial about the soup, where the mom asks, "How long will it take for you to make me happy?" and the kid happily replies," 1 second", then gives her mom a kiss. I feel that all the time when my kids hug and kiss me.

So, how are you? Emotionally, I mean. Wanna share? Join the conversation by clicking on the button above.

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Vernz said...

awww. so touching naman mys.. very true when it comes to kids .. but sometimes human as we are.. di mapigilan ... LOL...My GT is here

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f e R r y j H o i said...

wow!! touchy naman ito.. ^.^ Siguro ako din pag nag kababay na, mawala na din yun sandamak mak na insecurities ko sa katawa!!! hahaha (crossed finger)

Happy Girls Talk

Sherry said...

glad to know you better :D

mine is up at

K said...

i felt the same way when i had my daughter. emotional stability was suddenly demanded of me, for my daughter's sake. i guess all moms are like that. yung mga anak nila ang nagiging impetus for emotional growth nila :)

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