December is really a perfect month for weddings, but that is just my opinion. My guy bestfriend got married in December... the sponsors are more generous with regards to gifts or at least there is more money to spend for a gift. The weather is cool and here in our country that is a major plus factor.  

I wonder if I had gotten married in France... then maybe I could have a chateau marriage.  That must be so dreamy.. then I could proudly say come next December that  I am going to celebrate my aniversaire mariage next year in  a romantic dinner in  French bistro. 

Anyone here knows french? Can you translate this? enterrement de vie de garcon 
If I had to guess, I am betting it has something to do with entertainment... I'd love to have a live band if I ever celebrate my wedding anniversary in a big way.

But then I'm a cheap skate...a movie date or a dinner date would just be fine with me. 

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Veta said...

hehehe it is bachelor party boy!..thanks to google translation:-)

myslaguitao said...

Obvious ba na tinamad na? di na pinatranslate kay google. wow... bachelor party...meron kayang tame bacherlor parties pag sa france?

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