I'm 30 and I've been busy. I celebrated my 30th birthday partly at home and at a restaurant in a different city, with my kids, nieces, office mates (if I can call them that) and also my mom and my aunt.

I'm 30, I don't feel any different. I have scars which I didn't have when I was 29. I am now going nuts over how to juggle 2 kids going to school and crazy over budgeting. I am overwhelmed by it but tremendously excited as well. I fear that I will be summoned to the guidance counselor's office for raising such a bossy brat. I can't reform my kid, I love her bossiness and assertiveness.

Find more of my birthday photos here, in case you're interested.

Between going crazy over enrollment, fees, buying books, celebrating 12th year of being together with hubby as my bf.

So, I leave you with this photo... that answers this question:

Who wants Chicken? Who wants to go to Dagupan? Who loves making Mommy and Daddy cry? Who's makulit? Who's playful? Who loves fighting with each other? Who are the kids that Mys and Pedz loves the most?

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Calv said...

Belated Happy Birthday Mys!

kikamz said...

hi mys! naku, 30 ka na rin pala.. belated happy 30th dear! sencya na ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw. have been busy with lots of stuff. hugs!

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