Best Wedding Ever

OMG! I got to attend an out of my league's just so different from what I'm used to. Well, here in the province everything is so formal. So I really felt like a fish out of water. I loved everything about that wedding. My only regret is that there was no dancing. I will gladly admit that it is even better than my own wedding.

I loved their suppliers and the abundance of food. They even had a Starbucks Kiosk set up for those waiting at the reception while everyone else was stuck in traffic. But I am jumping ahead... I should say that the ceremony was beautiful. The officiating priest was Fr. Gerry Orbos. I should not forget the important rings... beside the engagement and wedding ring. Caring, sharing and Persevering. Plus...Chopsticks!!!

Hubby and daughter loved this one. Brought it home from the wedding in Manila to Pangasinan

This is a wedding where I enjoyed both the ceremony and the reception. The bride and groom were laidback. I loved their personal vows.She's a techie and a shoe addict as her vows would imply when she said..."sabay na tayong maglelevel-up" and she will reign in her shoe shopping spree. He was just speechless (almost) when it was his turn. I love their really shone all throughout the event.

I loved the food. I got dizzy with the amount of food served. The caterers were really good, the videographer was also good.  For more info about their's their wedding site that has everything about them.

Loved the dessert...too bad I'm a diabetic. I only finished 1 of the many desserts, a flourless chocolate cake which was divine. Yum!

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Micah said...

hi! I believe you're talking about Tala&Japes' wedding. I wasn't a guest though. I just happen to know the bride from an online forum for soon-to-weds. lovely wedding indeed

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