Updates, Rants and What nots...

Hmm.... I still have no idea on how to draw the winners of my contests as I am still waiting for other entries. 

I am finding it amusing that strangers to my blog are more willing to join than those I've known for some time. Why oh why?

With things that they dislike about the blog, more than ever my layout is being criticized... well, I have been feeling discontent about it for some time... any known or up and coming designers willing to take on that challenge?

I am reserving the funds for a certain ppc project (if it's a paying one) for my blog layout. So let's all hope for the best that (that one) is not a scam.

I found 3 designers I really like, one high end and pro, and two new discoveries.


I'm here, reading your entries...but getting sleepy.

Join all the fun. 

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